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Technician Staff

AaronAaron K. Balanay, CVT

Aaron has worked as a veterinary technician for 13 years; he has been working with Dr. Wooldridge for over two years. Aaron has worked on almost everything from fish to sea turtles to monkeys and big cats… And has the scars to prove it!







Lindsi MontgomeryLindsi Montgomery, CVT

Lindsi grew up on a small farm in Southern Oregon. She always knew she would make a career working with animals, not only because her mother is a veterinary technician, but because as a child she was always preoccupied with caring for animals. When Lindsi was very young, she would accompany her mom to work and grew up in the clinic environment. During high school, she worked as a kennel attendant at the same general practice she grew up in. After high school, she took a break from work to pursue college. Knowing veterinary medicine was where her heart was, she returned to small animal general practice for another 12 years.

In April of 2013, Lindsi was fortunate enough to be offered a position working for Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists and she feels it was the best decision she has ever made. She spends her days providing care and comfort to seriously ill patients, while learning about and helping in the fight against, incredibly devastating diseases that directly or indirectly affects us all. As a VCSS oncology nurse, she has the opportunity to help make a difference every day. She is privileged to be part of a team providing the best quality care to numerous patients, offering support and reassurance to their families. Lindsi has seen the positive effect treatments and the level of care VCSS delivers has on our pet patients and she is gratified to see how excited they are during return visits. Many know exactly where the cookie jar is kept, and others willingly jump on the treatment table on their own. In her free time, Lindsi’s family enjoys travelling, camping, and many other activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She has one Long Hair Chihuahua, Bernie.



Sierra Luke, RVT Sierra

Sierra grew up in Cupertino, CA and has been visiting her sister in Portland for over 15 years. She has always loved this area and was excited to be able to join VCSS and continue practicing in the field of oncology, which she had starting doing while living in California. Sierra enjoys working in oncology because she gets to develop relationships with clients and their pets, becoming a team, all working towards the same goal. Sierra has a cat named “Minnow” (a ridiculous black and white kitty who she rescued as a kitten) and “Lebowski” (a black cat who she adopted from the Humane Society). Sierra enjoys hiking, bike riding, trips to the coast and cooking.



KatherineKatherine Hall

Katherine studied Social Work at Washington State University, and like many college students, she got a dog. Her name was Baggy and she changed Katherine’s life. Baggy had major orthopedic surgery as a young dog (to correct a genetic problem) and Katherine spent a fair amount of time at the veterinary clinic with her. Her interest in veterinary medicine was sparked. Katherine has worked in veterinary medicine for 11+ years, primarily in emergency and critical care prior to transitioning to oncology a few years ago.

Katherine has always felt a close connection to animals. Being able to help them during illness and recovery feels natural.

Finnegan is around 2 years old. He is a Doberman mix that closely resembles the dogs on the Far Side comic in both appearance and attitude. Chooch is an elderly Chihuahua who thinks he is a cat. Katherine also has an actual cat named Schnitzel, who is certain that she is Ruler Of All.


Krystal Perry, CVT Capture

Krystal grew up in Northern California and moved to Oregon in 2005 to be closer to her family. From the time she was a little kid, she knew she wanted to work with animals. She has two miniature schnauzers, Tara and Bandit, who are mother and son. Her cat, Miao Miao thinks he’s one of the dogs! In her free time, Krystal likes to hang out with her fur babies and her two teenage boys. Occasionally, she does background acting in local T.V. shows.




Client Services Staff

Tiffany GTiffany Grishman

Tiffany has lived in Portland for the last 15 years and has always loved working with animals. She has worked in a boarding facility, as a veterinary receptionist, and was an apprentice instructor at Guide Dogs for the Blind. After going through cancer with her own dog, Finola (a career change from Guide Dogs), she was impressed by the empathy and compassion shown at Finola’s many vet visits. The opportunity to provide that level of care to clients, during such a stressful time, is what brought her to VCSS. She genuinely loves getting to know clients, and hearing about the journey they have been through with their pets. She has a Bullmastiff named Dresden who is a giant goofball, and a very talkative cat named Veruca. In her spare time she enjoys photography and anything creative or crafty.



ShrinaShrina Sharer

Shrina has always had a strong bond with animals. Her parents knew from the time she was 3 years old that she would have a career in the veterinary field. She grew up in the Milwaukie area and has been working in the veterinary field since she was 15 years old. She started working at a veterinary clinic as a kennel technician after school and on the weekends. She was soon trained as a veterinary assistant and receptionist. Since then, Shrina has managed a doggy daycare, as well as a general practice veterinary clinic and has worked at a veterinary pharmacy before finding her home at VCSS. In her free time she enjoys taking day trips to various outdoor destinations, camping, hiking and spending time with her pets.

Shrina has 2 dogs: Anabel, a Great Dane and Penelope, a Chihuahua. She also has 5 cats: Weiner Schnitzel, Bananas, Meatwad, Titan and Draggin.



Courtney KrushwitzCapture

Courtney grew up in the Mt. Hood/Sandy area and started working at a general practice veterinary hospital after she graduated from high school. She has been in the veterinary field for over 10 years, with experience in veterinary emergency and specialty services. Courtney grew up with Siberian Huskies and has always known she wanted to work with animals. She has a dog named “Piper”, who is Courtney’s her bionic babe and partner in crime. “Piper” has had 3 orthopedic surgeries in her young 6 years of life already! “Ziggy” is her 6(ish) year old cat who is the boss and Queen of the house. Courtney and “Piper” LOVE to go hiking, doing anything outdoors or water related, hunting, shooting and photography.